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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kindle Countdown Deal: The Recognition Run

As we try to learn the mysterious ways of Amazon, we've signed up for a Kindle Countdown Deal. Therefore, for the next 3 days 16h 33m 32s -- I have no idea why, but Amazon tells us this incredibly precise "ticking clock" is important -- you can get THE RECOGNITION RUN on Kindle for the special promotional price of just $0.99 USD!

...3 days 16h 31m 20s...
"Struck from the template of classic space opera, this tale of intergalactic adventure hits all of the right notes. It has a likable hero and heroine, nasty villains, a plot full of intrigue and unforeseeable surprises, and a colorfully rendered outer-space backdrop against which its well-paced events unfold. Vogel's prose is perfectly suited to the story he has to tell--one in which he must give voice to a score of different characters and move quickly from moments of quiet intimacy to scenes of brisk and frenetic action. His simple, direct storytelling style gets the job done."
--BookLife Prize critique 
 ...3 days 16h 28m 48s...
"A great new series by Henry Vogel. In addition to his usual scifi thriller/adventure story, Vogel has added a generous splash of mystery, a computer slicer (hacker) character, and an atmosphere of political intrigue among royal families, reminiscent of C. J. Cherryh's Foreigner series and George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series, only with a more positive attitude."
 ...3 days 16h 27m 52s...
"Great start to what I hope is another series from Henry Vogel! Lots of action and intrigue, strong female characters, romance, and surprising twists and turns!"
 ...3 days 16h 27m 03s...
"Henry Vogel has produced an excellent story involving raw passion for power and survival. It captures your imagination as you follow each one in their path to their doom. And, in an incredible twist, delivers an intriguing justice. Well worth reading."
...3 days 16h 26m 14s...
"This is my first book written by Henry Vogel -- definitely won't be the last! This is more than Science Fiction - it has elements of the mystery/thriller, as well. His characters are well-drawn and you actually like them and care what happens to them. Danger and twists abound as Jeanine and Drake try to solve a mystery which could affect the galaxy (and has ramifications all the way to the royal family). Look this one over - get it - read it - and enjoy!"
...3 days 16h 25m 21s...
"Another fun and entertaining book by Vogel. The Recognition Run is firmly in the sci-fi genre but this time in a world with political conflict and power struggles that remind me slightly of Dune. The Recognition Run introduces readers to a new universe where there’s not only space ships, but also a royal family, a world ruled by a Duchy, a mysterious stone, and a rebellion in the works. [...] Overall I was intrigued and excited about the mix of plots. There is a lot going on in this book, and it’s a great start to a new series by Vogel that I’m excited to see where it heads. I really enjoyed this book and its been my favorite of all the books by Vogel so far."
...3 days 16h 23m 27s...
"Once again, Vogel has given his readers a pair of characters (Jeanine and Drake) who are at once interesting, intriguing, and endearing. There's a puzzle of galactic importance, to be solved, and danger is waiting for the couple around nearly every turn. The characters are well-crafted, the pacing is absolutely perfect, and any reader who's enjoyed Robert Heinlein or Andre Norton will absolutely love this book!"
...3 days 16h 21m 48s...
"I really enjoyed this first book in Vogel's latest series. I enjoyed the mix of royalty, rebellion and political intrigue in this exciting science fiction thriller. The characters are quite engaging and the plot is fast-paced and has several unexpected turns of events. The heroes are endearing, funny and everything else that a good hero should be. However, I was surprised by how much I also enjoyed the witty, intelligent, and cunning villains."
...3 days 16h 20m 51s...

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