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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Power Outage

Hi, and good morning. We're conducting an unplanned test of the emergency backup to the backup comm system today. The local power grid went down about half an hour ago and it doesn't look like it's coming back up any time soon, so I am writing this post on my phone. Fortunately we have a GAS stove, so while the electric igniters are inoperative, I was able to light a burner using a MATCH, and am now making a pot of coffee using FIRE and a PERCOLATOR! 

Next up: haul out a manual typewriter and a slide rule and get back to work. Fortunately it's a very bright and sunny day, so there's enough sunlight reflecting off the snow outside to make it comfortably bright inside the house. 

Here's hoping they get the power grid fixed before nightfall. I'd hate to have to burn books to keep the house warm. If I do, I'm starting with the Stephen King novels. More BTUs per book in those bricks. 

Obviously, this turn of events makes it unlikely that I'll be finishing SS#24 and uploading it to Amazon today.

Bruce Bethke


  1. Sounds good, Guy Montag. Have a bright day! ever notice my name is starting to be "popular" -- like 451 Guy is a hero; Blue Shirt Guy in "Free City" is a hero; Guy Fleegman in "Galaxy Quest" is a hero; Guy Patterson in "That Thing You Do";

  2. It is very calm here, with all the computers and such shut down. I do watch the remaining battery percentage on this phone with some nervousness, though. I'd hate to have to drive over to the local Caribou Coffee just in hopes that they have power so I can recharge my phone.