Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If you're not reading SHOWCASE, you're missing great stories!

Here's what we've published lately!

"Lightspeed Messenger," by Michael Andre-Driussi
"Copy That," by Holly Schofield
"How the Invasion Came to Able Tooling of Cooper's Creek, Kansas," by Tyler Tork
"The Last Tree," by Rebecca Roland
"Bottoms Up," by Gary Cuba
"Viral," by Simon Kewin
"Waters of Oblivion," by Michael Haynes
"Dragonomics," by Richard J. Dowling
"Panopticon," by Simon Kewin
"Tricky," by Alex Gorman
"Habeas Felis," by Julie Frost
"In Fall, After the Harvest," by S. Travis Brown
"The Roads to Hell," by Larry Hodges
"Hunger Gamesmanship," by John H. Dromey
"Echoes in the Dark," by Gunnar De Winter
"Edvard Munch," by Robert W. Hobson
"Stingray," by Peter Wood
"Foundation and Zombies," by Arlan Andrews, Sr.
"Till Death Us Do Part," by E. N. Loizis
"Back from the Dead," by John Lance
"The Pro Turned Weird," by Stephen Lickman
"Failure to Communicate," by Phil Temples
"THIS CAT MUST DIE!" by Jason Lairamore
"Disclaimer," by Bret McCormick
"The Thing About Analyn," by David Steffen
"Fulfilling," by Joy Bernardo