Submission Guidelines


STUPEFYING STORIES is currently CLOSED to unsolicited submissions.

That said, we have a few openings for three very specific types of stories… 

Thank you for your interest in STUPEFYING STORIES. At this time we are CLOSED to general unsolicited submissions. Any unsolicited stories sent to us at this time will be rejected unread.

However, at this time we are also looking for three very specific types of stories to fill certain holes in our 2023 publishing schedule. You will find our current shopping list right here. If you have a story that fits one of these openings—that is, that actually fits, not “could be made to fit with a few minutes’ filing, a generous dollop of lubricant, and a big enough hammer”—then you are cordially solicited to submit your story to us.

Send your story as a Word or .rtf file attached to an email message, to:

One story at a time, please. Give us time to digest the first story you send before sending us another. The one exception to this rule is if you have both a flash fiction submission for our SHOWCASE free online fiction website and a full-length story for one of our books or magazines. In that case, send both. We love finding opportunities to use SHOWCASE to cross-promote our books.

Nota Bene: If sending two stories, one for SHOWCASE and one for a book or magazine, please send them in separate email messages. It confuses our submission tracking system when we receive two different stories in the same email message. 

After you have submitted your story, expect to receive an acknowledgement that we received it within four business days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please follow up with a query. While we believe we at last have our spam filter’s A.I. properly trained, from time to time it still acts up and hides things from us, just to see if we’re paying attention.


The above email address is the only one to use for submitting a story. We have had a number of other email addresses over the years, but thanks to the Great Microsoft Email Migration Clusterf*ck of 2021, the above one is the only that is certain to be working now. Any other email address you may have or find for us should be presumed to be defunct, or if not defunct, at least the wrong place to send your manuscript if you want it to be read.

Thank you,
The Editors