Submission Guidelines


STUPEFYING STORIES is currently CLOSED to unsolicited submissions.

That said, we have a few openings for one very specific type of story… 

Thank you for your interest in STUPEFYING STORIES. At this time we are CLOSED to general unsolicited submissions. Unsolicited stories sent to us at this time will be rejected unread.

The one exception to this is SHOWCASE, our online free fiction feature. We are almost always looking for good, very short (micro- to flash-fiction) stories to fill the SHOWCASE pipeline. 

Length: up to 1K words. Reprints considered but previously unpublished stories preferred. Simultaneous submissions considered but exclusive submissions given preference. If you send us a simul sub, do us the twin courtesies of telling us up front that it’s a simul sub and of withdrawing it if it is accepted elsewhere. 

Genres: in general we prefer science fiction, fantasy, and horror, in that order. We see far, far, far more horror than we can ever possibly use. It’s very hard to sell us horror.

Payment: $15.00 USD for original stories or $5.00 USD for reprints. 

Hint: to get a better idea of what we’re looking for, read a fair sampling of the stories already available online. We have hundreds of stories out there. You should read some.

WARNING! Absolutely NO Christmas-themed stories! We don’t like them. We don’t publish them. In the decade-plus we have been in business we have seen hundreds of them, and most stink, especially Christmas Horror stories. Santa Claus, Serial Killer? Been done. Alfie the Elf, Union Organizer? Been done. Vampire Rudolf, Terror of the Christmas Skies? Been done. Kid who was horribly traumatized by an abusive sadistic nun and as a result has grown up to be a psycho who kills his victims with sharpened candy canes? Been done, been done, been done, been done. DON’T SEND US CHRISTMAS STORIES! 

Any more questions?
Check out The Never-ending FAQ. If you have a question, odds are someone else has already asked it. If no one has asked it yet, other people might benefit from your asking and our answering it.

Contract terms: if you have specific questions about our publication contract, here’s the link to our sample publication contract.

IMPORTANT NOTE! SHOWCASE is an online-only publication. Stories submitted to and published in SHOWCASE will not be released in e-book or print book formats.

How to submit: send your story as a Word or .rtf file attached to an email message, to:

This is  the only email address to use for submitting a story. We have had a number of other email addresses over the years, but thanks to the Great Microsoft Email Migration F***-up of 2021 the above address is the only one that is certain to be working now. If you have a different email address for us, don’t use it.

One story at a time, please. Give us time to digest the first story you’ve sent before sending us another.

After submitting a story, expect to receive an acknowledgement of receipt within one week. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please follow up with a query. While we believe we at last have our spam filter’s A.I. properly trained, from time to time it still acts up and hides things from us, just to see if we’re paying attention.

One more thing: if you receive a rejection from us and want to send another story, please send it in a NEW email message. Submissions sent as attachments to replies to rejections of previous submissions tend to get lost.

Thank you,
The Editors

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