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Coming Attractions

STUPEFYING STORIES 26 • Releasing 10/01/2023

Our annual horror double-issue, featuring twenty all-new stories by Julie Frost, Anya Ow, Evan Dicken, Allan Dyen-Shapiro, Roxana Arama, Beth Cato, and many more. Watch for more details as we get closer to the release date.

STUPEFYING STORIES 27 • Releasing 11/01/2023

It’s the 40th Anniversary of the original magazine publication of “Cyberpunk,” so this will be our first-ever all-cyberpunk issue. This book is still open for submissions but filling up fast, so the sooner you send us your story, the better. The final submissions cutoff date is 09/30/2023. Learn more. 

STUPEFYING STORIES 28 • Releasing 12/01/2023

So many Stupefying Stories alumni have gone on to become ANALOG contributors that we decided to do an entire “almost ready for ANALOG” issue. The focus for this issue is hard science fiction, and the submissions cutoff date is 10/31/2023. Learn more.

Available Now

STUPEFYING STORIES 25 • Released 09/01/2023

Now on sale in paperback and on Kindle, with Kobo, Nook, Smashwords, and other editions coming soon.


» “If We Shadows,” by Fred Coppersmith
» “The Demolition Job,” by Neva Bryan
» “Tin Lizzi,” by J. L. Royce
» “A Limited View,” by Gary Kloster
» “Two-Tone,” by Elise Stephens
» “Cloudbreaker Above,” by Brandon Nolta
» “Caliban’s Cameras,” by Allan Dyen-Shapiro
» “There Is Another Sky,” by Bo Balder
» “Something Came Through,” by Michael D. Burnside
» “The Wawa Stick,” by Karl El-Koura


STUPEFYING STORIES 24 • Released 08/01/2023

Now on sale on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, Smashwords, Scribd, etc., etc., etc. CLICK HERE for the latest list of known-good e-book sales links. Print edition in development and will be available shortly.

STUPEFYING STORIES 23 • Released 03/01/2021

Now available in print or e-book editions pretty much world-wide and on pretty much every e-book platform made. Click here for the latest list of known-good links for your country and/or preferred e-reader.


» Woe to the Hand, by Julie Frost
» The Unicorn’s Companion, By Jamie Lackey
» The Secret of Erin Stewart, By Terry Faust
» Outrider, By Helen French
» The Last Feast of Silas the Wizard, By Karl Dandenell
» The Bird and Baby, By Allison Thai
» The Worm’s Eye, By Tom Jolly
» Magic with the Bones, By Beth Hudson
» Eddie’s Upgrade, By Kevin Stadt
» The Dead Barn, By Amy Caylor
» They Call Me Charon, By Gary Pattinson
» Brimstone and Brine, By Beth Powers
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STUPEFYING STORIES 22 • Released November 2018

Available in trade paperback only. All e-book editions are now out of print per the “Backlist” note below. However, it seems that once you publish a print edition, the print edition exists forever.


• “The She-Dragon of Bly,” by Jason Wittman
• “Groundskeeper,” by Kirstie Ollie
• “Rain Charmer,” by Gef Fox
• “Ohotsuku-Kai,” by NM Whitley
• “Upon the Blood-dark Sea,” by Auston Habershaw
• “The Fisherwoman,” by C. J. Paget
• “The Yin-Yang Crescent,” by Ian Whates
• “With Possum You Get Free Were-fi,” by Mark Keigley
• “Glamour for Two,” by Judith Field

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What do you mean, there isn’t a backlist?

When we first launched Stupefying Stories in 2011, we thought, “A backlist? Who on Earth is going to want a three-year-old e-book? Why, the files will probably be completely unreadable on any modern device just a year or two after the book is released.” Accordingly, we put a clause in our author’s contracts that took our e-books out of print and reverted all rights to the authors three years after each e-book was released.

Little did we reckon on the staying power of the Amazon Kindle. We’d already seen too many other competing e-book readers come and go. Nor did it occur to us that a simple embargo clause in our author’s contract would be just as effective for our purposes.

As a result of that self-destruct clause, though, every e-book released before STUPEFYING STORIES 23 is now gone forever. (Although the print books live on: see STUPEFYING STORIES 22, above.) Every e-book project we’ve done over the past 12 years—Stupefying Stories, Five Stars, Straeon, Theian Journal, Putrefying Stories, The Campbellian Anthologies, the attempt at doing SHOWCASE as an e-book—they’re all gone now, never to be re-released.    

STUPEFYING STORIES 23 goes out of print on Kindle at the end of March, 2024. If you want the e-book edition, you’d better get your copy now, don’t you think?