Thursday, October 4, 2012

At last, we have a Barnes & Noble NOOK link

Stupefying Stories 1.8 for NOOK

I have no idea why it takes Barnes & Noble four times as long to process a new book upload as it takes Amazon, but it does. Of course, as soon as I start counting on that delay...

Monday, October 1, 2012


From the Editor’s Desk
By Bruce Bethke

You know, I wrote a very thoughtful, serious, sober, and long keynote editorial for this book, describing in great detail what we intended to accomplish this time out. But hey, let’s be honest: this is the October edition, and around here, October really means just one thing:


So let’s skip the commercials and cut right to the exciting conclusion. This edition is really all about—

Vampires! Werewolves! Mummies! Living Fossils! More Vampires! Mad Scientists! Fiendish Laboratory Creations! Flying Saucers! Treacherous Aliens! Strange Little Towns Where No One And Nothing Is At It Seems! Even MORE Vampires! Zombies! Giant Prehistoric Reptiles Stomping The Daylights Out Of Tokyo! And Even MORE Aliens, Plotting To Conquer The World!

  • "Father Pace" by Samuel Marzioli
  • "A Wolf Like Leroy" by Gef Fox
  • "King of the Giant Monsters" by Michael D. Turner
  • "Darcy and the Gill-man" by David C. Pinnt
  • "Dark Illusions" by Evan Dicken
  • "Legacy of an Unwanted Titan" by Ryan Creel
  • "The Wrong Side of the Rainbow" by Bill Bibo Jr.
  • "On Main Street, After Closing Time" by S. R. Algernon
  • "Night Shift of the Living Dead" by Tyler Tork
  • "Our New Benevolent Overlords" by Andrew Kozma.

Now get yourself a big bowl of popcorn, settle back into your favorite chair, and give your sense of disbelief the night off. STUPEFYING STORIES 1.8...



Bruce Bethke
Editor, Stupefying Stories

Now available* for Amazon Kindle and Kindle Reader apps at these links: 

* Or so Amazon claims. At the moment, while the web pages are there, they don't seem to be fully functional.

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