Thursday, December 15, 2011


The third volume in award-winning writer Bruce Bethke's new ebook-only original anthology series continues to get even bigger and better, with six all-new tales of the fantastic, frightening, and funny by Gary Cuba, Ron Lunde, Tyler Tork, David W. Landrum, and Justin Williams—and featuring "Snow Blind," by acclaimed mystery and horror writer Trent Zelazny. Plus, this volume also includes a special Christmas "mini-anthology," featuring all-new stories by Kersley Fitzgerald, Aaron Bradford Starr, and Bill Ferris.

"Snow Blind," by Trent Zelazny
“Oogie Tucker’s Mission,” by Gary Cuba
“Highly Unlikely,” by Ron Lunde
“The Cowrie,” by Tyler Tork
“Sennacherib,” by David Landrum
“The Strange Machinery of Desire,” by Justin A. Williams
"SENNACHERIB was amazing, as were
many others. A lot fewer misses
and meh's for me than I have ever
seen in any other anthology."

—Anatoly B.
Plus our special Christmas bonus mini-issue:
“Secret Santa,” by Kersley Fitzgerald
“Seven Minutes to Bangor,” by Aaron Bradford Starr
“The Consolidated Brotherhood of Truly Bearded Santas,” by Bill Ferris

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