Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Release: Scout's Law, by Henry Vogel

After two thousand years of isolation, the lost colony world of Aashla has reestablished contact with the rest of galactic civilization. Princess Callan of Mordan, and her royal consort, Terran Scout David Rice, were the people who made that happen. Now, they lead the mission to ensure that Aashla's unique culture is not overwhelmed by the galaxy-spanning Terran Federation.

But on a routine inspection tour of Federation scientific outposts, Callan and David are horrified to find an abandoned camp and a shallow mass grave. When an unnatural storm knocks their airship out of the sky, they're forced to confront their worst nightmare.

Someone has smuggled forbidden galactic technology onto Aashla—and whoever they are, their trail of murder and destruction has only just begun...

Scout's Law: Available now in trade paperback and for Amazon Kindle.

Book Release: THE SCOUT TRILOGY, by Henry Vogel

Return to a future... 

Of bold galactic explorers and lost space colonies, where beautiful heroines and brave heroes battle treacherous villains with swords and airships!

Return to a future... 

Of planetary romance and high adventure, where action moves at the speed of light and danger lurks around every corner!

Return to the future... of The Scout Trilogy

Here, for the first time in one volume, are the adventures of David Rice, Terran Scout First Class, who crash-landed on the lost world of Aashla, rescued and befriended Princess Callan, heir to the throne of Mordan, and found himself thrown from the space age to the steam age in the blink of an eye.

Now, marooned without hope of rescue on a world of primitive airships, treacherous pirates, bloodthirsty monsters, and royal court intrigues, David struggles to learn the ways of his adopted home-world, at the same time as he struggles with his growing feelings for Callan, and his iron determination to change just one thing: Aashla will not remain lost!

Told in a relentlessly fast-paced style, The Scout Trilogy is an exciting modern homage to the classic tales of planetary romance made famous by writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett. If you like your heroes unabashedly heroic, your heroines feisty and true, and your plots filled with dangers, twists, and turns, you'll love The Scout Trilogy.

Available now for Amazon Kindle.