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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Book Release: THE MIDNIGHT GROUND, by Eric Dontigney

Just released:

THE MIDNIGHT GROUND, by Eric Dontigney. Available now for Kindle and also in trade paperback.

Kindle edition:


(The two pages are supposed to be cross-linked, but that hasn’t happened yet, because Amazon.)

Here’s the jacket copy: 
“As middleman to the magical community at large, Adrian Hartworth never sticks around. His nomadic lifestyle keeps him a step ahead of friends, enemies, and all too often, law enforcement. Then he saves Abby Simmons and her grandfather, only to find himself unofficially adopted into their unlucky family. Years of experience tell him that the cancer killing Abby is anything but natural. His instincts say flee.

“Driven by the guilt of a past filled with bad choices, Hartworth delves into Abby’s misfortunes and the town’s dark past. What he discovers lands him at the heart of a century-old battle against an evil he knows he cannot defeat. The man who never sticks around will face a choice: take a stand against a power that will crush him, or a leave a young girl to die and damn thousands in the process.”
On a purely personal note, I’m really proud of this one, not just because it’s our most ambitious and serious original novel to date, and not just because it’s a compelling read and an outstanding supernatural thriller, but because we actually hit our goals of having both the Kindle and paperback editions up and selling on Amazon on the planned release date, January 1st! Better yet, we’re already getting great reader reviews!
“Hartworth is a hero in the vein of John Constantine and Harry Dresden. This series combines the best of the two, with a fresh take on the magic-detective-thriller genre. And there’s a cat. Definitely worth the time!”
“Fabulous and compelling read. If you like Charlaine Harris’s Midnight Texas characters and town, you will enjoy this book!”
“A young girl caught in the crosshairs of a powerful evil. A lost practitioner finding redemption he didn’t know he needed. This is a book you won’t want to put down. Action-packed and full of heart-stopping exciting moments, I cannot wait to see what new adventure the next book takes me.”
“Adrian Hartworth, a man well-acquainted with the spirit world, stops for the night in a small town and can’t seem to leave. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next as Adrian struggles against powers beyond his comprehension and abilities as he tries to help a teenage girl who has had way more than her share of “bad luck.” This book is fast-paced and well written; now I’m looking forward to Adrian’s next adventure!”
“A broken hero, a cursed town, and impossible odds, along with top-notch world-building and gripping prose. Eric Dontigney knocks it out of the park, and I can’t wait to see where he goes with this series.”
THE MIDNIGHT GROUND, by Eric Dontigney. Available now for Kindle and in trade paperback.

Kindle edition: