Friday, August 17, 2012


Edited by award-winning writer Bruce Bethke and featuring stories by twelve outstanding American, British, and Irish authors, the STUPEFYING STORIES "Weirder Homes & Gardens" edition is filled to overflowing with all-new tales of the fantastic, funny, and frightening things that can happen in that most mundane of places: the home, with attached garden. Includes:
  • "No Onions" by M. Bennardo
  • "The Growing" by Sylvia Hiven
  • "Family Magic" by Michele Winkler
  • "Mission Accomplished" by Peter Wood
  • "Helen Went Beep" by Erin Entrada Kelly
  • "The Prototype" by Judith Field
  • "Colorful Caps" by JC Hemphill
  • "Lifesource" by Barbara V. Evers
  • "The Centaur Bride" by Eric J. Juneau
  • "Rooting for You" by Michael Heneghan
  • "Security" by Chris Bailey Pearce
  • "The Garden" by R. L. Bowden
From practical advice on raising homunculi to the difficult magic of raising a happy family; from things that go bump in the night (or in this case, the kitchen) to things that go beep in the bedroom; from the magical, mythical distant past to two very different visions of our technological future; and from the primal temptation to be found in a stolen paper clip to a tale of lost love that can't be described, only read: you'll find it this time out in STUPEFYING STORIES!

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