Monday, November 5, 2012


STUPEFYING STORIES 1.9, originally scheduled for release on October 15 but delayed for three weeks by Forces Beyond Our Control, is officially released today. We still don't have live links yet, but when we do, we'll post them here. With this edition we add India and Japan to the list of countries where STUPEFYING STORIES is available, so here's hoping Amazon resolves their technical issues soon and Barnes & Noble doesn't follow their usual pattern of taking four times longer than Amazon.

Featuring the awesome cover story, "The Jade Box," by Stephen G. McDonald (and correspondingly awesome original cover art by Aaron Bradford Starr), as well as new stories by fan favorites Chuck Bordell, Jamie Lackey, and Gary Cuba, STUPEFYING STORIES 1.9 presents thirteen original tales of ghosties and ghoulies, spirits and specters, and things that go bump in the night, by an outstanding assemblage of American, Canadian, Irish, and Swedish authors. Including:
  • "Between Life and Oblivion," by Samuel R. George
  • "The Florence," by Chuck Bordell
  • "Door in the Darkness," by David Steffen
  • "Streaming," by Sharon Irwin
  • "The Flint Indenture," by Tim W. Burke
  • "Not Everything Goes Bump," by Robert W. Hobson
  • "Ashes to Diamonds," by Jamie Lackey
  • "Blood and Saltwater," by Cassandra Rose Clarke
  • "A Homeowner's Dilemma," by Mark Hill
  • "The Ghost Train," by Fox McGeever
  • "The Jade Box," by Stephen G. McDonald
  • "Going Out With a Bang," by Gary Cuba
  • "The Old-Fashioned Way," by Thomas Pluck
From a haunted hotel room in Seattle to the waiting room of the afterlife; from a quietly chilling meditation in a country cemetery to an ambitious plan to revive entire dying cities with industrial-scale necromancy; from a heart-breaking tale of a love that lives on after death to a side-splitting story about a funeral gone horribly wrong that, as one early reviewer said, "puts the black in black humor," you'll find it in this edition of STUPEFYING STORIES.


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