Friday, March 8, 2013

In lieu of a column today...

Here's a golden oldie from the archives of The Friday Challenge. The challenge was:
It's a few years in the future. You're a freelance writer working for some publication whose nature you're free to define, and you're writing a review of the controversial new children's book: Heather Has Two Mommies, Three Daddies, A Pig's Spleen and a Baboon's Heart. What do you want to tell your readers about this book?
Herewith, one of the more unforgettable answers.


Emilia S said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Quite an amusing and very original, tongue-firmly-in-cheek skewering of poor old NPR in general, as well as a possible and frightening direction science may be headed.

BTW, I'm a sustaining member of public radio, WNYC here in the NYC metro,and have no axe to grind in the least. Without public radio, America would be far less informed about the complexities behind the issues of the day regarding politics, history, science, culture, etc.

Your author's choice of audio media was a perfect one, too. The YouTube presentation allowed him to develop the story's characters via intonation and accent, a near impossible and more intrusive approach than in print media alone.

A few years back, I crafted a SpecFic tale around WNYC ("The Last Call" in The Edge of Propinquity) about a fictional host, who is transformed into an unwitting and very reluctant Grim Reaper. If only I had the intuitive leap to think of YouTube. In all honesty though, I lack the computer savvy such a production demands and alas, I fear this Old Dog would have a tough time at mastering such a skill set.

Old Age doth suck, indeed!

Thanks Stupefying Folks. A really fun concept, exceptionally executed.

Bob Keenan

Unknown said...

Highly entertaining