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Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Release: TWO, The 2nd Annual Horror Special

STUPEFYING STORIES is thrilled (and more than just a little relieved) to announce the release of:

TWO is one of the biggest and best collections of horror stories we've ever assembled, containing sixteen fresh and exciting new tales of ghosties and ghoulies, vampires and zombies, monsters and mayhem, and things that go bump in the night! Edited by Philip K. Dick Award-winner Bruce Bethke, TWO features:
  • "Second to Last Stop" by Evan Dicken
  • "Cabrón" by Jóse Iriarte
  • "Blood and Water" by Rose Blackthorn
  • "Gris-Gris for a Mal Pris" by Rebecca Roland
  • "Zombie Angst, or How to Pair Human Brains With a Good Chianti" by Stone Showers
  • "Wall" by Yukimi Ogawa
  • "A is for Android" by Holly A. Cave
  • "The Things That Perish Along The Way" by Keith Rosson
  • "Choice" by Shona Snowden
  • "Offworld" by Anton Sim
  • "An Incident in Cain's Mark" by L. Joseph Shosty
  • "Professor Pandemonium's Train of Terror" by Simon Kewin
  • "It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels" by Gregor Xane
  • "The Waiting Line (Many Elbows)" by Leah Thomas
  • "The Revenge of Oscar Wilde" by Sean Eads
  • "Eulogy to be Given by Whoever's Still Sober" by Nicole Cushing
Now available for the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Reader App at these links.


(Don't have a Kindle? Then get the free Kindle Reader App for your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, or use the free Kindle Cloud Reader to read it instantly in your browser!)

More links coming soon!

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