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Monday, March 23, 2015

99-Hour Sale! - EXTENDED TO MARCH 31!

Updated 3/28/15: ARGH! We just learned that because of some as yet not fully understood feature of our new web site design, a lot of people were clicking on the link below and going off to the blank white screen of Internet Limbo. The link is now fixed, but because it was only intermittently functional for this past week, we've decided to extend the 99-Hour Sale to midnight, March 31.

Question: In the meantime, we do have a case of books in-hand. We aren't set up to sell direct, but do have an established relationship with a local (to us) bookstore that sells on Amazon. Would you like it if we started selling books through them, with the guaranty that books would be in-stock and get same-day shipping? Let us know.

The box of copies of STUPEFYING STORIES 1.14 has at last arrived! (Memo to self: specify expedited shipping next time). It's our first print edition in five years, and my God, the thing actually looks like a real book!

The photo doesn't do it justice—I blame the lighting conditions. (Yes, that is freshly fallen snow in the background. Welcome to Spring in Minnesota.) But I am so excited about this thing that I've decided to declare a 99-Hour Sale. Order this book direct, at this link——between now and midnight on Friday, enter this discount code—YXC4AZFK—and you can get this awesome artifact of the post-digital publishing age for 15% off!

Is this exciting, or what?

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