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Saturday, February 24, 2018

From the SHOWCASE archives...

Fiction: • “Under the Shimmering Lights,” by Jamie Lackey •

Kirima’s ice skates hissed as she glided across her frozen pond. Four smooth strokes, then three crossovers, her left foot over her right, then four more strokes. Her skates left gouges and a trail of ice shavings. Her hair clung to her temples, and her breath misted in the cold air.

She hated the cold and the short hours of thin gray sunlight. As a child, she’d dreamed of hot winds and brown mountains and regularly spaced days and nights.

But she had always loved the dancing lights, and she came home when her grandmother wrote to beg her to save them...

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Nota bene: I’m bubbling this one back to the top because, a.) it has figure-skating in it, b.) it’s a good excuse to put in a plug for Jamie’s superb story, “The Life Tree,” in Stupefying Stories #18, and c.) we just finished reading the galleys for Jamie’s excellent short story collection, A Metal Box Floating Between Stars, which is coming out in April (I think) from Air and Nothingness Press, and we wanted to put in a plug for it.

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