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Friday, December 22, 2017

From the SHOWCASE archives...

Fiction • “The Music Teacher,” by Mark Niemann-Ross •

We have a sort of a double-header in today’s SHOWCASE archive selection. First off, I’d like to direct your attention to On writing “The Music Teacher,” by Mark Niemann-Ross, in SHOWCASE #4, which is a really good non-fiction piece about how Mark went from an idea, to a story, and then to a published story. If you want to write fiction, this is a good read.

Then, I’d like to direct your attention to Stupefying Stories #12, which is where you will find the published story, “The Music Teacher.” From now through Christmas Day, we’re giving away the Kindle edition of Stupefying Stories #12 for free. When this promotion is over, though, #12 goes out of print, so this is your last chance to get it.


1 comment:

mnr said...

Thanks Bruce,

This is still one of my favorite stories. The "making of" points out the importance of good critique - and accepting that critique as an opportunity.