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Friday, January 5, 2018

Media Relations

Podcast • Storypunks Interview •

I did an interview with Cindy Grigg at a few weeks back. It’s now up on YouTube, iTunes, and wherever else it is that podcasts go to reach the world. Personally, I’m afraid to watch it—I have a painful “second guess” reflex, and whenever I watch or listen to a recording of myself later, I’m always hearing all the things I should or shouldn’t have said—but you may find it interesting. Here’s the link:


1 comment:

~brb said...

An example of the "second guess" reflex in action:

"...whenever I watch or listen to a recording of myself later..."

Well, of course I'm listening to the recording later. To listen to it earlier would require time travel.

Hey, there's a story idea in that...