Stupefying Stories is currently CLOSED to unsolicited submissions. For more information about what we’re likely to be looking for when we reopen to submissions, see our Submission Guidelines, but be advised that they are subject to change.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Status Update 10/1/18

Our 2018 open reading period is now over.  

Stupefying Stories is now closed to unsolicited short story submissions until April 2019. For more information about Stupefying Stories, including new book releases, editorial changes, thought-provoking articles, and of course, great free fiction every Saturday in SHOWCASE, follow this web page (there’s a convenient link in the left column, down the page a bit), follow us on facebook, or better yet, do both.

And now if you’ll excuse me, we’ve got to get back to sending acceptance letters and contracts and finishing up all the books we have in the queue for Fall and Winter release.

Kind regards,
Bruce Bethke
editor, Stupefying Stories | Rampant Loon Press

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