Friday, November 23, 2018

Upcoming Releases

We have a lot of projects in development right now, and I probably should talk more about what’s going on behind the scenes here at Rampant Loon Press, but having done so before, I have a profound fear of jinxing books by talking about them too soon.

HENRY VOGEL has no such fear, though. In fact, he’s developed the remarkable habit of writing his books online and posting the first drafts of his novels-in-progress while he’s writing them. If you enjoyed his SCOUT’S HONOR series, you really owe it to yourself to check out HART’S WAR, which is in development editing right now. The entire rough draft is online—this link will take you straight to Chapter 1—where you’ll notice immediately that we changed the title. This is not exactly the book that we’ll be releasing, as Henry has made quite a few changes as he’s worked through the rewrites and revised the ending, but if you’ve ever wanted to get a look at a novel before it’s released and give the author your personal feedback, comments, suggestions, and support, here’s your opportunity.
» HART’S WARRead the rough draft now!
Meanwhile, Henry just posted Chapter 36 of his current work-in-progress, THE WOLFLING WAR, about two hours ago. (Honestly, the guy writes at an unbelievable pace, and I remain amazed by his ability to switch seamlessly between writing a new book while copy-editing another.) Fiction doesn’t get any fresher than this, folks. If you’ve ever wanted to help shape a book before it’s finished, again, here is your chance.
» THE WOLFLING WAR •  “The fate of mankind will rest in the hands of a young man who doesn’t understand what it means to be human and a young woman who doesn’t understand what it means to be young. Their adventure begins now.” 
I wish I could show you the cover art for HART’S WAR and THE WOLFLING WAR, but it’s not even commissioned yet. I can show you the concept sketch for this cover, but can’t say anything more about this book at the moment.

Meanwhile, another piece of cover art I can’t show you because it’s not finalized yet is the cover for our new ERIC DONTIGNEY novel, THE MIDNIGHT GROUND. Rather than babble about that book, though, I’ll just quote the jacket blurb:
“As middleman to the magical community at large, Adrian Hartworth never sticks around. His nomadic lifestyle keeps him a step ahead of friends, enemies, and all too often, law enforcement. Then he saves Abby Simmons and her grandfather, only to find himself unofficially adopted into their unlucky family. Years of experience tell him that the cancer killing Abby is anything but natural. His instincts say flee.

“Driven by the guilt of a past filled with bad choices, Hartworth delves into Abby’s misfortunes and the town’s dark past. What he discovers lands him at the heart of a century-old battle against an evil he knows he cannot defeat. The man who never sticks around will face a choice: take a stand against a power that will crush him, or a leave a young girl to die and damn thousands in the process.”
At this time I would really love to find a few friendly reviewers to read the ARC and give us some promotional quotes. Any volunteers?

Finally, I’m afraid the Thanksgiving-themed Friday Challenge was a complete bust: we received no entries for it. It’s something of a pity, as I’d already paid for the stock art I planned to use with it, but on the other hand, this bit of CGI really does kind of creep me out. I’m not sure why. The upshot of it is, though, that we’re going to retire the Friday Challenge idea for a while, until we have the time to think of a better way to run it.

And speaking of time: it’s time for me to get back to work!

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~brb said...

That creepy Thanksgiving clip art *does* beg for a caption, doesn't it?

"Join us. Eat the turkey. Jo-o-i-n ussss....."

Eric Dontigney said...

She is rather Children of the Corn-esque.

Unknown said...

Yes. I posted on that one. :)