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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Status Update 12/05/2018

Well, that explains part of the problem. The reason sales have been so soft lately may be because the Amazon links in the right column have quit working. Apparently Google and Amazon aren’t playing well together (again), or perhaps it’s an undocumented feature of the latest Firefox update.

In any case, the text links at the top of the right column work, but the cover image links don’t. If you right-click on a cover image, you’ll go the Amazon listing for the book, but if you just click on the cover image in the normal fashion, you’ll go straight to Blank Screen Hell—unless you also happen to be logged into some Google app, e.g., gmail, at the same time.

I do so enjoy playing unpaid QA analyst.

Speaking of QA analysts, Henry Vogel is now up to chapter 41 in THE WOLFLING WAR.  If you aren’t following this work-in-progress, this is a great time to start.
THE WOLFLING WAR, by Henry Vogel

The fate of mankind will rest in the hands of a young man who doesn’t understand what it means to be human and a young woman who doesn’t understand what it means to be young. Their adventure begins now...

Bestselling SF novelist Henry Vogel is posting the rough draft of his latest novel online while he’s writing it. If you’ve ever wanted to peek over the shoulder of an author at work and offer comments and advice on the book as it’s being written, here’s your chance. The author is listening!

Start here: Chapter 1
Latest installment: Chapter 41

Follow Henry Vogel’s author page on Amazon!

P.S. Because so many have asked: no, that’s not the actual cover art for The Wolfling War. That’s a dummy cover Henry whipped up using The Pulp-O-Mizer. Cool as heck, but not licensable for use as an actual book cover. Sigh.

Coming Saturday on SHOWCASE:
“Market Futures,” by M. Ian Bell

(Chapter 2)

A murdered man. An impossibly clean crime scene. Plenty of people with a motive to be the killer, but none with the opportunity, and no one leaves behind a crime scene that devoid of clues. Detective Ellouise Nielson has had some tough cases before, but this one might just set the record...

“Market Futures,” a new futurecrime serial by M. Ian Bell, running Saturdays on SHOWCASE. Catch it!

Finally, a quick note re contracts: We’ve just finished an audit of our 2018 submissions and contracts files, and found a few stories that we accepted for publication and then misfiled, with the result being that the final contracts were not sent. We should have this all sorted out by EOB today. If you’ve received an acceptance letter from us but not a signable contract, please check your spam or junk mail folders for a message from Adobe Sign

1 comment:

~brb said...

Okay, it gets more interesting. The cover image links work if you're on, but NOT if you're on Looks like it's a three- or four-way tiff between GoDaddy, Google, Amazon, and possibly Firefox.

There are days I actively hate the Internet, and just want to chuck it all and go back to using a typewriter and a slide rule.