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Monday, May 20, 2019

It’s like déjà vu all over again.

Funny, how fast things can change. Thursday morning everything was more or less under control and we were moving forward. Friday morning I woke up, poured myself a cup of coffee, opened up my laptop, checked my email—and wham. This.

Given that all our plans for Rampant Loon Press are based on the assumption that I will continue to be working here, and thus covered by our excellent employee medical insurance and benefits package, for years to come, this change is unsettling. What the exact effects will be remain to be seen. There are a tremendous number of known unknowns in play at the moment.

In any case, if I seem a bit distracted in the next few days or weeks, this is the form that Otogu the Insatiable, Devourer of Days, has chosen this time. Wish me luck.


Big Bob said...

Hah! My younger brother went to Silicon Valley after college and got a job working at a small startup that had pizza and beer lunches on Friday's. A few years later he found himself working for HP and he had never actually changed jobs.

He didn't like working for a big conglomerate, so he found another job at a small startup. A few years later he was working for another big conglomerate.

Poor guy just couldn't win. hehehehe

Hope it goes OK for you!

Mark Keigley said...

Really hope everything pans out for you guys in a way that makes you happy and gives you peace!

Mark Keigley said...

This gives me a bit more sanguinity: """"Still, the company has committed $4 billion through 2022 to initiatives to develop artificial intelligence, the internet of things and distributed computing offerings. Chief Executive Officer Antonio Neri, who succeeded Meg Whitman last year, said in November that HP Enterprise would start to see a return on that investment over the next two years.""""

moparparts75 said...

Just remember, The eyes of Texas might be upon you. Depending on which side of the intake plant you are standing.