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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Book Review: The Fugitive Heir

When you’re an author, nothing cheers you up like reading a glowing review of a book you wrote. When you’re a publisher, the pleasure of seeing a positive review of a book you published is almost as good, as it means someone out there has validated your opinion of the author and the work.

After all, I wouldn’t publish novels and stories if I didn’t like reading them, would I?

Therefore I am delighted to report this morning that Berthold Gambrel of A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight (it’s a Gilbert and Sullivan reference) has just published a very positive review of Henry Vogel’s novel, The Fugitive Heir. You can read the review in full here:

I particularly liked this bit:

“The middle section of the book is almost a rom-com in space. I typically don’t read romance, unless it’s blended with some other genre, and that’s exactly what Vogel does here: a romantic road comedy, but in space!”

As is our practice, The Fugitive Heir is currently available both on Kindle and in print, and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Somewhat unusually for us, this one is also available as an audio book.

» Buy or browse the Kindle edition
» Buy the trade paperback
» Get the audio book

I don’t say “Buy the audio book” because Audible always has some kind of promotion going, and you may very well be able to get the audio book free. It’s a great book to stream while you’re in the car, heading off somewhere for vacation!

In fact, if you’re looking for something to read or listen to while at the beach, at the cabin, or practicing social distancing, why not get the entire series?

» Book 2: The Fugitive Pair - Kindle edition
» Book 2: The Fugitive Pair - trade paperback
» Book 2: The Fugitive Pair - audio book

Where things get sticky is with the concluding book in the series: The Fugitive Snare. To talk business for just a moment, our foray into doing audio books taught us that doing audio books—or at least, doing them right—is way more expensive than producing print or Kindle ebooks, in return for a much lower margin. Ergo, we decided to hold off on doing any more audio books until the dynamics of the market changed.

We think that this change has now happened, and that it might be possible now to do The Fugitive Snare as an audio book without blowing the budget.

Therefore, this is the part where you can help. If you enjoy audio books—if you’d like to see us do more audio books—do one simple thing: Help us fund it! Buy some of the audio books we already have out there!

In the meantime, you’ll just have to finish reading the series with your eyes.

» Book 3: The Fugitive Snare - Kindle edition
» Book 3: The Fugitive Snare - trade paperback

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