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Friday, February 12, 2021

The State of the Loon

 ...and ten days slip away just like that. I have much more to say about what’s going on behind the scenes here—some of it’s very good, some of it’s very weird, and what’s weird was also unexpected and therefore disruptive—but am out of time to write about it this morning. Right now it’s time to hitch the huskies to the sled and mush them into downtown St. Paul, for yet another exciting outpatient adventure. I’d take along my laptop and portable wi-fi hotspot and try to write from the waiting room, but the last time they made me wait out in the parking lot because of COVID restrictions, and there’s no way I’m taking off my gloves and trying to type in -13° F.

I should be back online in the early afternoon.

—Bruce Bethke

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Unknown said...

Hope everything is okay!