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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

In the meantime...


And especially for those of you with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, here’s a reminder that PRIVATEERS OF MARS would also benefit from some attention by the Fearless Bug Hunters of the Stupefying Stories Typo Patrol. (Really, I’m beginning to think we need a badge. And a t-shirt. And coffee mugs.)

I’ve been focused on SS#23 lately and missed the three latest reader reviews. All of them warm my hard and leathery publisher’s heart.

• “This was a perfect before-bed page turner. Hilarious and witty, it got me laughing aloud multiple times which is sorely needed right now. Great little sci-fi adventure with action and intrigue! I especially loved the spectrum of diverse characters. Enbys in spaaaaace!”

• “This was so much fun to read! The worlds the characters travel to are each exciting and creative, as is each character. I seriously could not decide which character I liked the best (side bonus: no sexist tropes of female characters!) and the end twist was super unexpected. I’m not the biggest fan of sci-fi as a book genre, but this blends genres into an adventure that I think everyone would enjoy. Great for all ages too!”

“Do you miss Firefly? Do you like The Expanse? If so, then Privateers of Mars is exactly what you need. Castleman combines the down-on-their-luck-crew feel and humor of Firefly with the kind of near system space travel and background politics that drive The Expanse. Structured as three loosely interconnected short stories, it reads like three episodes of a great science fiction show that you wish someone would make.

Emphasis added. And no, I did not pay Eric to write that last review. He did that on his own.

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