Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Heads-up: Balticon 55


I’ll be putting in an appearance at Balticon 55 this coming Friday, 5/28—by Zoom, of course, as this year it’s an online-only con. Attendance is free for anyone who wants to attend, but it’s my understanding that you need to register in advance in order to get into the Zoom sessions.

The main link for the con is here: https://www.balticon.org/wp55/

The program guide is here: https://schedule.balticon.org 

I’ll be posting more information about my schedule when I know it. In the meantime you might want to do a bit of browsing through the schedule, as there are some panels that are of interest to writers, and Stupefying Stories contributor Jennifer Povey will be doing a reading. 

(Drat. SS#19, which contained her story “Soulless Machine,” is out of print. I really liked that one.)

More info to follow as it becomes available. 

—Bruce Bethke

UPDATE: It looks like this is the advance registration link: