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Wednesday, June 30, 2021


I am so proud of myself. This morning I saw a heated debate erupt on another writer’s site on the subject of pulp magazine page layout and typography, and I stayed out of it

Honestly, I felt like I’d blundered into the Old Sci-Fi Writers’ Home and into the middle of an argument over whether Smith-Corona, Remington, or Underwood made the best typewriter. [“And don’t you dare bring Olympia, Olivetti, or Brother into this! Honestly, Germans, Italians, and Japanese? What’s this world coming to?”] I had to leave before they started tipping over wheelchairs and hitting each other with their canes.

—Bruce Bethke


P.S. Please buy a print copy of Stupefying Stories. We put a lot of work into the SS#22 and SS#23 page layout and typography—and even the choice of paper—and we think they look pretty good.

Of course, everything we do is designed for ebook release first, and we have a lot of short story collections and original novels available on Kindle, most of which are free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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Pete Wood said...

I brought a manual typewriter with me to college Freshman year. I typed on an elctric one until I finally started using a computer my second year of law school.

~brb said...

Fortuitous typo. " eclectic typewriter..." I wonder how that would work and what it would do?