Thursday, August 4, 2022

Status Update: 04 August 2022


I’m beginning to develop a serious attitude problem about July. This has now been the fourth July in a row in which we’ve begun the month with everything seemingly in order and proceeding along nicely and by the end of the month found ourselves gaping at the wreckage and wondering where to start cleaning up.

On the positive side, no one ended up in the hospital this time, nor did anyone receive a personal visit from Baron Samedi

On the sub-positive side, SS#24 still is not ready to be released, and I’m now about a month behind on publishing The Pete Wood Challenge stories. We are also a third of the way into publishing The Odin Chronicles, and I still don’t have the episode guide/story index written and posted, much less the introduction for the print version. 

Come to think of it, I owe Guy Stewart a phone call, too, as we need to talk about what we’re doing next with Emerald of Earth. Continue serializing it or just publish the entire book? The latter is what we were originally planning to do at this point, but if it was your book, what would you want us to do with it?

Plus, I notice that this web site has drifted out-of-date again, plus there’s the schedule for SS#25, which is completely derailed and now looking like we should aim for an October 1st release, plus...

One thing at a time. First up, getting caught up on the Pete Wood Challenge. Watch for more flash fiction coming soon.



GuyStewart said...

I'd say Guy will call YOU soon! Love to talk about EMERALD, and ClankAlog, and anything else that we feel like talking about!