“Old Friends, Across Galaxies and the Space Between” • by Jenna Hanchey

Andromeda could have gone to the Intergalactic Jamboree on New Year’s Eve but instead, thanks to M33, she had been waiting in line for hours.

She sighed, remembering the other galaxy’s exhortations. “Look, Andy, Milky Way’s not going to get over your impending collision. If you can possibly stop it, you should.”

So she found herself in the Infinite Line of Abnormal Probability instead of the party of the millennia. Both the Intergalactic Jamboree and her strongest chance to snag a laws-of-physics waiver happened at the New Year—whenever it was declared by the Universal Relativity Council. Their calculations were notoriously secretive. Who knew when a New Year might come again?

She bolstered herself thinking how Milky Way would spin with joy if they were able to avoid their impending doom. When her turn finally arrived, she exuded confidence.

“What’s more important at New Year’s,” she entreated, “than old friends?”



Jenna Hanchey is a communication professor by day and a speculative fiction writer by...um...earlier in the day. She lives in Reno and teaches courses at the University of Nevada on racism, colonialism, and communicating across difference. Her research examines neocolonialism in Western aid to Africa, and how Africans use Africanfuturism to imagine their own developmental futures. Somehow she manages to act, sing, and rock climb, too! Notable credits include Gwendolyn Fairfax in The Importance of Being Earnest and Elaine Wheeler in Night Watch. She's also a voice-actor, narrating the audiobooks in Emily S. Hurricane's Bloodlines series. Her fiction has also appeared in Daily Science Fiction and the Apex Microfiction Contest. Follow her adventures on Twitter (@jennahanchey) or at www.jennahanchey.com.