Submission Guidelines

Last updated: 1 May 2022

Thank you for your interest in Stupefying Stories. At this time we are CLOSED to unsolicited submissions. Any stories sent to us at this time will be rejected unread.

The events of 2020 and 2021 nearly put us out of business. At this time we are focused on revising our business plan and on getting issues #24 and #25 out the door. When we have finalized our plans for Q4 2022 and beyond, they will be published here.

Please note that this page is the ONLY source for authoritative information about the Stupefying Stories submission guidelines. We are not responsible for information you may have found on another website, particularly any “fiction market” listing sites maintained by third parties.

Expect that our guidelines will be revised before we reopen for submissions.


Thanks to the Great Email Clusterf*ck of 2021, in which our hosting service unilaterally decided to migrate us over to the Microsoft Exchange server software, in the process accidentally erasing thousands of archived email messages, the only viable email addresses for Stupefying Stories now are our primary submissions address:

And the emergency backup address:

Any other email address you may have or find for us should be presumed to be no longer operational. Queries should be sent to the submissions@rampantloonmedia address first, as it appears to be stable now, but if we do not respond within a week, follow up with a query to the gmail address.

Ain’t life in the 21st Century grand?