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Sunday, October 1, 2017


All mercenary self-interest aside, this is seriously cool. Big congrats to Rampant Loon Press author Henry Vogel on advancing to the quarterfinals in the Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Prize competition. Not only is The Recognition Run in serious contention for the award, but we got some great quotes for future ad copy use from the BookLife Prize critic’s report. Without further ado, then:


Plot: Struck from the template of classic space opera, this tale of intergalactic adventure hits all of the right notes. It has a likeable hero and heroine, nasty villains, a plot full of intrigue and unforeseeable surprises, and a colorfully rendered outer-space backdrop against which its well-paced events unfold.

Prose: Vogel’s prose is perfectly suited to the story he has to tell—one in which he must give voice to a score of different characters and move quickly from moments of quiet intimacy to scenes of brisk and frenetic action. His simple, direct storytelling style gets the job done.

Originality: The novel is a digest of familiar space opera tropes—but this is not a bad thing. The best stories of this type always recycle tried-and-true themes and characters—and Vogel shows that in doing so he can keep his tale lively and entertaining.

Character Development: Vogel’s characters are mostly types, but they also have nuance and distinct personalities. Jeanine, Drake, and even the evil Olivia are lively and engaging characters that will appeal to readers.

Plot/Idea: 9
Originality: 9
Prose: 8
Character/Execution: 8
Overall: 8.50

You are welcome to use this Critic’s Report as promotional copy or as a blurb to promote your book. Please note: When attributing quotes from this Critic’s Report, you must credit The BookLife Prize.

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