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Monday, October 23, 2017

Life Here in the 21st Century

Here in Minnesota, the seasons change fast. A week ago it was nearly 80 degrees outside. Last night, the temps dropped into the low 40s. The forecast calls for it to dip down near freezing by Wednesday morning, with the possibility of snow on Friday.

To deal with these kinds of changes we have a dual-control electric blanket, so that my wife and I can set the temps separately for our respective sides of the bed. She usually prefers it a little cooler than I do, except when she summons the powers of Hot Flash Woman, and then she kicks off all the covers.

Last night, though, the controller for my side of the bed malfunctioned. My side of the blanket never did switch on; the controller just sat there blinking out an error code all night long. I got online with tech support first thing this morning and solved the problem in a matter of minutes, by receiving and following the instructions for rebooting the blanket. But still...

Rebooting the blanket. I have trouble wrapping my mind around that idea. I needed to reboot the blanket. I needed to contact tech support to get the instructions for rebooting the blanket.

As we plod along into the future, and into the coming age of the Internet of Stuff, I can't help but wonder what other adventures lie in wait?
"I'm sorry, Mr. Bethke, but your toilet lost Internet connectivity last night and you won't be able to flush it until a technician replaces the NIC card."
What do you think will be the most useless and preposterous household device to be put under digital control and blessed with Internet connectivity?

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