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Monday, October 30, 2017

The Clock is Ticking!

Remember, the Kindle Countdown deal on The Recognition Run ends in 1 day 17h 6m 23s.

Which I guess means that that's when TWO: The Second Annual Horror Special goes out of print, too. 

Hey! Why not splurge and buy 'em both?!

Considering my story, "An Incident in Cain's Mark", is currently in my collection, Trouble My Bones, and is about to appear in Merchants of Misery (edited by yours truly), it probably seems like you can't throw a stick at the moment without hitting it. But as of early next month (see below for details), Rampant Loon's TWO: The 2nd Annual Horror Special, is going out of print. TWO was where "Cain's Mark" first appeared, and I have to tell you, it's one of the finest horror anthologies I've ever read. There isn't a bad story in it, and for .99, you can't beat the price. I would encourage everyone to download a copy before it goes away. If you've never read Stupefying Stories (TWO is basically just an all-horror edition), this would be a great entry point. It represents the best of what Bruce Bethke and company do, which is produce quirky, quality fiction the likes of which we haven't seen since Amazing and Aboriginal SF went the way of the dodo.
-- L. Joseph Shosty, author and freelance editor

1 day 17h 5m 30s: the clock is TICKING!!!!!

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~brb said...

Clock ticking? When is the last time you had a clock that actually ticked? Is that expression as much of a verbal vestige as referring to a phone ringing?