Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cyber Monday Lasts All Week

Here at Rampant Loon Press, this week may begin with Cyber Monday, but it’s just a prelude to Book Release Friday. To celebrate, we’ve decided to make a whole pile of ebooks absolutely free, but only for this week. These great deals include:

Stupefying Stories (August 2014)

STUPEFYING STORIES begins it's fifth year of publication with this great new collection of exciting science fiction and fantasy stories! Featuring:

• PERSONAL SPACE by Alison Pentecost
• RAINBOW SPORES by Jamie Lackey
• END TIMES by S. R. Algernon
• HAPPY VALLEY by Garth Upshaw
• MEAT 2.0 by William Ledbetter

STUPEFYING STORIES: It's what you want to read!

“Very readable and engaging collection of speculative fiction stories. Among my favorites were Eric Dontigney's "Memory Makes Liars of Us All," about a friendship between two soldiers fighting in space; S.R. Algernon's "End Times," about two representatives of Earth with clashing motives trying to convince a planet's people to leave before its sun goes supernova; and Alison Pentecost's "Personal Space," about a detective going virtual to find a disappeared woman. I thought all eight stories were good reads, however. I also liked the fact that there wasn't really a tying theme, just well-written, enjoyable pieces. This issue reminds you why you like science fiction. I look forward to the next one.”


Theian Journal

From the creators of Stupefying Stories comes a new sister publication, THEIAN JOURNAL. It’s a bit unearthly—a bit alternative—these are decidedly *different* SF/F stories, reflecting a different editorial philosophy, yet brought to you with our same dedication to finding excellent stories by writers you may not have read before. Featuring:

• ADROIT, by David Williams
• TAKING A BREATHER, by Jean Davis
• A SCORPION WITHIN, by Alison Grifa Ismaili
• PLAINFIELD, NEW YORSEY: 2114, by Angele Ellis
• WHEN WE ARE WHOLE, by Gary Emmette Chandler

We think you’ll agree: sometimes different can be very good.

“Nice collection! One of the better anthologies I've read as far as liking most of the stories.”


The Book of Judith

Sixteen tales of life, wonder, and magic by Judith Field

“Judith Field celebrates the extraordinary. It lives in every line of her stories alongside Magic. friendly ghosts and paranormal entities. Each tale also contains Human Beings who are warm, full of sentience and often conflicting emotions. Allow yourself to be whisked away to ordinary suburbs where incredible things happen all the time.”

“This is an excellent read. Entertaining short stories with memorable characters. Highly recommended.”

“A smashing read. A mix of styles, sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving but always entertaining. More please!”

“A collection of tales of the fantastic that manage to be sweet, poignant and laugh out loud funny all at the same time.”

“Judith Field's talent, or rather one of her talents, for she has many, is the ability to come up with an idea that's almost laughably simple, then plonk that idea in the most prosaic of settings, and somehow end up with a tale so unique and so eldritch that it stays with you long after you've finished reading it.”

“These stories present a refreshing fusion of styles. Life, wonder, and magic, sums it up—often the fantastic and magical meets the reality of everyday life in a way that I’d imagine fans of Pratchett and Gaiman might appreciate. There are also hints of magic realism and a depth of characterisation that makes the writing truly engaging and a pleasure to read. The fact that some characters make repeated appearances across the stories is very welcome because they are so well drawn that they stay with you. This collection is by turns funny, absurd, and poignant, and never less than thoroughly entertaining. Highly recommended.”

Note: The above quotes are all from the Amazon.co.uk product page. Inexplicably, reviews posted by UK readers don’t show up on Amazon’s North American sites, which is probably why this book never really caught on in the US or Canada. You have the power to change that!



Doctor Dead

A Percy & Quincey Adventure, by Tyler Tork

A mad scientist. An army of zombies. And three plucky teens who just might be able to save the world.

“This was a delightful story with likable characters. The story was fast paced, with intriguing location descriptions. The characters were clever, and resourceful in the face of obstacles and it was fun to root for them. I read to be transported and this story delivers in fine style. I'd recommend this book to adults or young adults, it was a great adventure to follow.”

“Tyler Tork has created a highly colorful and rich story. As I read, I was reminded pleasantly of the writings of Sir Arthur Conon Doyle. The dialogue, description, and people of 1904 San Fransisco were so well written that one would think Tyler Tork grew up in that era (perhaps the time machine is not as fictional as one might think). This book has done something rare for me, it left me not knowing what would come next. I frequently thought, "Wow, I didn't see that coming." Tyler has a wonderful imagination and I am only sad that the book ended and I now have to wait for the sequel. Thankfully, I did buy an extra copy as a loaner, so I can reread the book while I share this new series with my family and friends.”

“An action adventure YA novel with a twist! Well, several twists...and its got everything; a steampunk feel, zombies, derring-do, daring don't. Buy this book so He'll write the sequel.”

And there are lots more 4- and 5-star reviews on the product page! Check it out!



Five Stars

Five Outstanding Tales from the early days of Stupefying Stories

FIVE STARS is the STUPEFYING STORIES sampler package. These five carefully selected tales from our earliest issues are each an outstanding example of the kinds of stories we're looking for, and the kinds of stories we love to publish. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes brimming over with adventure and excitement and other times simply dripping with terror, these are the sorts of stories that made us fall in love with reading short fiction in the first place, back when we were simply reading for the fun of it, and long before we ever dreamed of becoming professional writers or editors.

Whether you're a new friend who's wondering whether to start following STUPEFYING STORIES, an aspiring contributor who's wondering what kinds of stories we like to see, or an old friend who just happened to miss these stories the first time around, check out FIVE STARS.



Putrefying Stories

From the creators of Stupefying Stories comes an exciting new anthology series: PUTREFYING STORIES! Sixty-four pages of pulse-pounding, shuffling, moaning, brain-munching zombie action! Featuring:

• FRUITING BODIES, by Eric Landreneau
• DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL, by Julie Frost
• FROM COLORADO, by Rose Blackthorn

PUTREFYING STORIES: So terrifying, it could make a vampire's dessicated heart start beating again!