Friday, August 3, 2018



“DEW Line,“ by K. H. Vaughan
“The Crippled Sucker,” by L. Joseph Shosty
“My Disrupted Pony,” by Jeff Racho
“Cog and Bone,” by M. Lynette Pedersen
“Tendrils Beneath the Skin,” by Derrick Boden
“The Phoenix of Christ Church,” by Rebecca Birch
“Lenses,” by Eric Dontigney
“The Search for Josephine,” by James Mapes
“Wayfaring Stranger,” by Peter Wood

From a high stakes poker game on an alien world to a fantastic clockwork kingdom—from a peculiar family in the faerie realm to a church in London at the height of the Blitz—from the frozen wastes of the Arctic tundra to a sweltering sharecropper’s farm in North Carolina, here are nine tales to chill, thrill, and entertain you. STUPEFYING STORIES #21 is now available for Kindle and Kindle Reader apps at this link:

And to celebrate the release, for today only, it’s available FREE for the cost of a click.

Check it out!


~brb said...

P.S. This is our first book created with our new ebook-and-print-book-from-the-same-source software -- which didn't quite work as advertised, which is why the print book won't be available until next week -- so there may be some, er, “anomalies” in this book. If you see anything really wonky with the formatting, please let us know.

And congratulations. You’re all beta testers now.