Sunday, August 5, 2018

Well, here’s a surprise...

This just in:
Dear Editor,
Congratulations! Stupefying Stories has been randomly selected as Duotrope's Listing of the Day!
This means we will be featuring it today prominently on our website (, as well as on our Twitter feed ( and our Facebook page (

We just wanted to let you know that we're giving you a little extra exposure today. If you'd like, you can retweet or share our social media posts.

Best wishes,
The Duotroopers (admin team)

Link to this listing:
Hmm. I had no idea we were listed on Duotrope. I’ve given no thought to Duotrope since they delisted us a few years back. I guess, now that Stupefying Stories #21 is out the door and selling, I’d better get back to posting the updated submission guidelines as described in the 7/31 Status Update.

And for all our new friends just joining us for the first time today, please, read our submission guidelines, and read at least a good sampling of our free SHOWCASE stories (if not an actual issue or two of the magazine), before sending us a submission.

Bruce Bethke
Executive Cat Herder in Chief
Stupefying Stories  


Mark Keigley said...
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Mark Keigley said...

Meh, no edit comment feature..... anyway, I stopped using Duotrope when they went to pay-for-the-privlege....subgrinder is now my publisher-lurk-fest and Probably a good thing you're headed back to 6 months on/ 6 months off.....