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Sunday, November 8, 2020


To Clancy Weeks, for “State of Grace” in the current issue of Analog. Longtime friends and fans of Stupefying Stories will remember his cover story, “Zombie Like Me,” in Stupefying Stories 20 (January 2018), which yes, you can still buy!

Observant readers will also notice the names M. Bennardo and Gregor Hartmann in the table of contents of the same issue of Analog. M. Bennardo contributed “No Onions” to Stupefying Stories 6 and “Avocado Rutabaga Aubergine” to Stupefying Stories 11, both of which are (sadly) now out of print, while Gregor Hartmann contributed “Notion of Notions” to SHOWCASE in 2016, and you can read that story right here

That’s what Stupefying Stories is all about, folks. If you read what we publish now, you’ll be reading the authors that everyone else will be publishing a few years from now.  

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