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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Schedule Update

When I did the Mythaxis Review interview a few weeks ago, I obviously had no frickin’ clue that Otogu the Insatiable, Devourer of Days, was about to drop an enormous cowflop on me. 

In that interview I said we were planning to release Stupefying Stories #23 on November 9. Due to subsequent disruptions of an external nature we are not going to make that date. Instead, we’re now targeting #23 for release on November 16 and pushing to pull it in to November 15.

On the bright side, now that I suddenly have lots more free time on my hands we are moving ahead with plans to release issue #24 on December 1st and #25 on January 1st. In addition, we have several chapbook projects that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks and months. I’m particularly excited about PRIVATEERS OF MARS by Matthew Castleman and SECOND TO LAST STOP by Evan Dicken. 

Thanks for your support and patience.


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