Sunday, September 17, 2023

“The Box™” • by Kai Delmas

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of The Box™. Anything your heart desires is at your fingertips. The most tender filet mignon you’ve ever tasted? Not a problem. That fancy new piece of jewelry? It’s yours.

Warning: Before use, please read the restrictions guide for your own safety.


  • Under no circumstances should The Box™ be opened manually. Your desired product will be ejected when ready.

  • If The Box™ should be unable to eject the desired product do not try to use The Box™. Send it back to The Box™ Industries immediately.

  • The Box™ can only create inanimate objects. Desired food products are edible but do not try to have The Box™ create something living.


If you have any issues with The Box™, please consult the F.A.Q. section.


There’s a weird humming noise coming from The Box™.

That’s perfectly normal. The sound occurs every couple of days, usually at night. You may even experience fewer insects or vermin in and around your house.

The Box™ opened on its own revealing a dark interior that beckons.

Under no circumstance should you touch the interior of The Box™. Look away and stuff your ears with cotton balls for good measure.

There’s a light in the dark. It’s calling.

It’s too late for you.

We at The Box™ Industries hope you enjoyed The Box™ while you were able and weren’t a part of the void. May all your desired products find you wherever you are.



Kai Delmas loves creating worlds and magic systems and is a slush reader for Apex Magazine. He is a winner of the monthly Apex Microfiction Contest, his fiction is forthcoming in Zooscape, and can be found in Martian, Etherea, Tree And Stone, Wyldblood, and several Shacklebound anthologies. Find him on Twitter @KaiDelmas.