Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Week in Review • 10 March 2024

Welcome to The Week in Review, a weekly summary for those too busy to follow Stupefying Stories on a daily basis.

“Evil Little Head Beastie” • by Maddison Scott

When a tiny monster takes up residence in your brain, it’s a real bit—

Published: 4 March 2024

“The Binding of Laws” • by Kelly Harmon

Gerald was a gambler. He’d gotten rich by taking chances. Bet big, win big. But this was the biggest gamble of them all…

Published: 5 March 2024


The Never-ending FAQ: recalculating “The Cold Equations”

Tom Godwin’s 1954 Astounding story has been called the best hard SF story ever written. I beg to differ, and not very respectfully.

Published: 6 March 2024

“They Tire of Waiting” • by Roni Stinger

Sometimes a writer’s inner demons are much better kept inner. And sometimes they won’t tolerate being ignored…

Published: 7 March 2024

“The Confession” • by Ed Ahern

He’d traveled the world over seeking absolution, yet no matter where he went or what he did, it kept eluding him. Why, it was almost as if…

Published: 8 March 2024

“The Hangover and the Hag” • by Angelique Fawns

Five years of sobriety, gone in a flash. And when she woke up the next morning with the hangover from Hell, she found her troubles had only begun.

Published: 9 March 2024

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