Sunday, July 7, 2024

The Week in Review • 07 July 2024

Welcome to The Week in Review, our weekly roundup for those too busy to follow Stupefying Stories on a daily basis. In the past week we’ve published…


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“How to Return an Overdue Book to the Summer Library” • by Carol Scheina

Returning the book is easy. Finding the summer library… that’s another thing entirely.

The Odin Chronicles • Episode 40: “A Swirl in the Dark” • by Paul Celmer

Still wandering across the alternate timelines and searching for her one true life, Susan finds a clue in an ancient game…

The Never-ending FAQ: from the mailbag

A lot of questions have been piling up, so it’s time to answer them. First off, what is that animal, and why should you never drink coffee in any country where animals like this are found?

“They Try to Kill Me” • by Jason Lairamore

Strangely enough, we didn’t think this one needed a teaser, other than to say it’s by longtime contributor and fan-favorite Jason Lairamore, and you should read it.

“Deep Fake 37” • by Tom Koperwas

No mere man could solve all of New York City’s problems. But Icon was no ordinary man…

The Odin Chronicles • Episode 41: “The Gravity of Home,” by Kimberly Ann Smiley

Ingrid deals with the problems of relatives and relativity, while a mysterious stranger attempts to open a dialog with her cat.