“Rain Dancer” • by Sylvia Heike

I wanted nothing more than to leave the desert. To find a place where it rained more than it shined. Where I didn’t have to work so hard at everything.

I traveled. Far. Until my ears drowned in the sweet squall of seabirds.

But what use is my magic here? Alone, I perform my rain dance and remember home. Tufts of lovegrass in the brown dirt. Hungry snakes and thirsty scorpions. Desert lilies. The magnificent tenacity of all living things.



Sylvia Heike is a writer from Finland. Her stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online, PodCastle, Nature Futures, and other publications, including Stupefying Stories, of course.. When not writing, she enjoys knitting, gardening, and watching birds. To find out more, visit her website https://sylviaheike.com or follow her on Twitter @sylviaheike 






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