“No Justice for Deserters” • by Pauline Barmby


Otis crept toward the hovering spaceship, shotgun ready.
This time, this time, he would capture an alien. Finally, he’d be believed.

The ship ejected a shiny sphere that landed in the grass behind Otis. He whirled. The craft whooshed into the sky.

A writhing shape like a tinfoil-covered exercise ball projected glowing red letters into Otis’ eyes.


Otis pondered. A dead alien was just as believable as a live one.

He fired.



Pauline Barmby is an astrophysicist who reads, writes, runs, knits, and believes that you can’t have too many favorite galaxies. She lives in London, Canada and hopes to someday visit her namesake main belt asteroid, minor planet 281067.


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