“Santa’s List” • by Melissa Mead

After naughty and nice, Santa had a third list. 

He had all year to fulfill it, Each morning he checked it, not only for the recipient’s name, but for the nature of the gift that he’d be empowered to give that day.

A rain shower that made two kindred spirits dash for shelter in the same doorway, and leave as friends.

A crocus coaxed from under a blanket of snow to comfort a grieving widow.

The “just a feeling” that made a driver hesitate before a truck ran the red light.

Not everyone believes in Santa. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. But Santa can’t bear to leave anyone out.

The third list was a gift to himself.

Melissa Mead lives in upstate New York with the imaginary people in her head. Her web site is here: https://carpelibris.wordpress.com/