Friday, December 24, 2021

Have Yourself a Stupefying Christmas...


Just in time for Christmas Eve, The Pete Wood Challenge returns with six, count ‘em, six new flash fiction stories, all keying off the phrase, “After naughty and nice, Santa had a third list.” Without further ado, then…

Honorable Mentions

“The Santa Heist,” by Carol Scheina » READ IT NOW!

“The Undeliverables,” by Allison Mulder » READ IT NOW!

“The Santa Paradox,” by Mark Vandersluis » READ IT NOW!

Third Place

“Santa’s List,” by Melissa Mead » READ IT NOW!

Second Place

“You Better Watch Out,” by Jason Burnham » READ IT NOW!

First Place

“Christmas Collections,” by Matt Krizan » READ IT NOW!


About that illustration…

That, friends, is a piece of original artwork by Jeff Doten, who we have worked with on many projects and who is both a talented artist and a pleasure to work with. (A rare combination, believe me.) In fact, we like Jeff so much, we commissioned him to redo the cover art for the entire Scout series. (Never mind the July 20 on the banner below; that was July 20, 2021. I really need to get an updated banner.)

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