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“That Darn, Dear Cat” • by Melissa Mead

Jaheem could have gone to Megabash on New Year’s Eve, but instead, thanks to Fluffy, they had been waiting in line for hours. 

Fluffy, no longer the wild-eyed furry blur that he’d chased… somewhere, purred in his arms, unconcerned.

Jaheem, though, was very concerned. People ahead blurred and glowed like headlights through a rainy windshield. Everything else was a white blur. Maybe he’d hit his head?

At last they reached the front. A kindly gentleman looked down at Fluffy and sighed “BrightJoy, what happened?”

Fluffy (BrightJoy?) leapt onto the man's desk. A counter appeared over her head, changing from 6/9 to 5/9.

“I’m terribly sorry,” the man told Jaheem. “You weren’t meant to die yet.”

Die? Jaheem shook his head. “Fluffy…a car…”

“Yes. I’m afraid you’re gone.”

Fluffy yowled.

“You’re certain?” said the man.

Fluffy headbutted Jaheem. The counter changed to 4/9.

Jaheem went to Megabash after all.


Melissa Mead lives in upstate New York with the imaginary people in her head. Most of her stories are even shorter than she is. Her web site is here:


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