“Worth It” • by Keyan Bowes

“Is it really worth it?” they asked.

“It’s just for tonight! It’s the first time ever! We couldn’t possibly miss it!”

Amrit could have gone to MaxiMumbai on New Year’s Eve but instead, thanks to Neera, they’d been waiting in line for hours. Four hours, to be precise. And 27 minutes.

They passed through the tall security fence, and saw it ahead of them. It was roughly spherical in shape, with a holographic skin rainbow-glittering in the blazing light.

“Who could imagine we’d be at the first time travel event ever!”

Neera’s enthusiasm was contagious. A bubble of excitement rose in Amrit’s chest. They leaned over and kissed Neera. The machine's port irised open, and together they stepped inside.

In an instant, they were transported back in time, 4.5 hours, and found they were standing near the beginning of the line for the time machine.


A peripatetic writer of science fiction and fantasy, Keyan Bowes has lived in nine cities in seven countries, and lost count of the number she’s visited. They sometimes inspire her stories. Her work can be found online and on paper in a dozen print anthologies. She's a Clarion graduate and a SFWA member.  Website: http://www.keyanbowes.org