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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Clash of the Schlockmeisters!


When I first began blogging sixteen years ago, I set a rule for myself that Sundays were reserved for my family. It seems like a good idea to reinstate this rule now, but since the Internet abhors a vacuum, I had to come up with something to post today. 


The rules are simple: the two contestants in this head-to-head battle of the losers must be big-budget productions, released by major studios, made by experienced directors and producers, and starring recognizable movie stars. And there are just two questions to be discussed:

1. Which of these two movies is the most cringe-inducing one to watch now? 

2. Do either of these movies have any redeeming values? 

The challenge has been presented. The clock is ticking. Have at them, hammer and tongs, and always remember: 

Have fun!

See you tomorrow,


Unknown said...

Barbarella was obviously the worst of the two. Silent Running was frackin brilliant. Totally underappreciated and ahead of its time. Actually better than Moon, and I loved that one.

Pete Wood said...

I love Silent Running. It doesn't make much sense, but, damn, does it send a message. Great special effects and a top notch performance by Dern.

Fred said...

Has the clock stopped ticking? Well, either way, I'm not sure I'd call either movie *good*, but I thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of Barbarella. Meanwhile, I think Carl Sagan maybe summed Silent Running up best when he called the movie "technically proficient."