Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Son of the Return of Ask Dr. Cyberpunk

And the morning is off to an exciting start. I woke up to learn that yesterday the BBC ran an article on its web site entitled, The Matrix and the sci-fi stories that became a reality, and the article leads off by mentioning me and my particular little contribution to the genre. (I wonder what secondary or tertiary source they’re quoting?

Then it mostly segues off into being an article about The Matrix and Bill Gibson, mashed up with an interview with Neal Stephenson. But the point is, these kinds of mentions usually produce a sudden gush of interest in me and that story, which quickly turns into a secondary flood of queries from people wanting either to option the film rights or reprint the story in exchange for…

Recognition. Of my contribution to the history of the genre, or something like that. What a shame Chase Mortgage doesn’t accept recognition as legal tender when I make my house payment.

If you have a question you’d like to ask me, go ahead. I can’t guarantee that I’ll answer it, but if I like the question, I may even use it as a springboard for an Ask Dr. Cyberpunk column. There are quite a few of those columns out there already, which you can browse through by clicking this link: Ask Dr. Cyberpunk. If you’re wondering what sort of questions I find interesting, read this one, or better yet, this one.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to productive work.



Pete Wood said...

If you had come up with cyberpunk after My Cousin Vinny, would you have called it cyberyoot? I mean, seriously, can you think of anything that could not be improved with a My Cousin Vinny reference?

Kersley said...

Why not go all the way? A cyberpunk My Cousin Vinny? As long as they don't make Marisa an android.

Leatherwing said...

Her atomic clock is ticking!