Friday, December 10, 2021

Today's Free Story Idea

Stealing this from Joseph Cautilli, who asked the question:

It is 2041. By 70 years of age most people are cyborgs with implants for heart or blood pressure or…?

My initial answer was “blood sugars,” as it’s only 2021 and owing to my lack of a functional pancreas I already have an implant that does that. After giving it further thought, though, the better answer was obvious. By 2041 most good subjects citizens will have a tiny real-time streaming editor—let’s call it a “SED” chip—implanted in their brain, probably in the arcuate fasciculus, between Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area. Thanks to this wonderful little invention our citizen of the future will be completely unable to either intentionally or inadvertently blurt out any career- or life-destroying BadThink, or even to understand any such words, if somehow heard.

Obviously the SED processor will need to be Internet-enabled via something akin to Bluetooth or wifi, as it will need frequent updates, given that the definition of BadThink seems to change almost daily.

Okay, here’s your free story idea. Now run with it!


~brb said...

Okay, for just *one* potential spinoff: how often have you had your personal computer rendered temporarily unusable by an insufficiently tested antivirus update?