Monday, May 2, 2022

Excuse the mess

Site redesign in progress. We expected to have it finished this weekend but ran into problems with the rollout of The Hostage in Hiding that took priority. Work on this site should be (mostly) wrapped up today. I’m going to finish up the slider and the revised static pages and call that good enough for now. Figuring out why the template insists on treating the thumbnail images as if they were all 640x480, and then puts them through some sort of Procrustean compression algorithm to make them fit accordingly, will have to wait for another day.

Workaround: stick a 640x480 image (like this one) at the top of every post, going forward.

Updated workaround: use a 160x120 thumbnail. 80x60 is too fuzzy. 

Ideal solution: find someone who thinks it’s fun to dissect 2,700 lines of mashed up XML, CSS, and JavaScript and figure out where that compression code is and now to neuter it. 

Worst case scenario: we can always revert to the old site design.